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Dik Rampa

Ürün Açıklaması

Easy installation is provided for enterprises that are not suitable to put ramps into concrete or whose construction process is finished. It does not require additional construction work.when the upright loading ramp is not used, it does not take up space by reaching the upright position. It makes automatic level adjustment on steep ramps thanks to the integration of hydraulic unit and control panel.

It is the most fit model for two-storey businesses. Equipment used hdrolik hose blast valve yellow black safety markings, vehicle carpeting damper profile support are available. Steel construction hekalerampai is designed according to the desired load carrying capacity starting from 6 tons on steep ramps according to tonnage request. In steep ramps ,the lower chassis applications are reinforced with st37 npu steel and st52 steel is available between the dorse and ramp sheet.

This st 52 is boiled with steel sheet and gives the steep ramp 2 times more cardboard than it should be. In addition, the slope given to the St 52 and st 37 sheet in the section pressing the Dorse gives ease of loading. In the construction of steep ramps, tear-drop pattern sheet is our preference. Because we minimize loading accidents that may occur during installation in bad weather conditions. With the hose blasting valves in the Pistons used in steep ramps, sudden hose bursts that may occur in cases that are not calculated and subsequent platform drop are prevented.

Steep ramps can be easily installed in non-corner loading areas. Instead of corner sheet , our twisted, perforated st 52 steel sheet and our steep ramps are attached to the concrete by means of metric 16 dowels. Number of dowels vesac thickness varies according to loading tonnage.

The electric control panel we use on steep loading ramps is cardless and is simple enough to be easily intervened by your electrician in case of any emergency. The removal process is performed with the single button on the electrical control panel. This button with lighting warning must be continuously working during installation. During loading, if the electric panel warning light of the upright loading ramp is dim and the loading is in progress, each load passing over the ramp will apply force to the piston. Steel construction pulls the load on steep loading ramps. If the load does not come to the upright ramp electrical panel due to power cut or problems that may occur on the power line, as mentioned, the warning lamp is installed in a fireproof condition, the piston seals are torn due to excessive load. to prevent this, attention should be paid to the electric button with the lighting warning on the electric panel of the steep loading ramp.

The steep ramp is an electric hydraulic system and it is very easy to operate manually with a hand pump. It is suitable for the use of manual upright ramps in the case of difficult energy consumption or in areas where wiring is prohibited. The piston pressurized by the hand pump drive puts the ramp in an upright position. The vehicle to be loaded stops approaching the steep ramp at a certain distance. As the vehicle approaches, the return valve of the upright ramp hand pump is provided to fit the front wing of the ramp perpendicular to the angles to the vehicle Dorse and loading is done. During loading, the return valve must remain in an open position. In this way, the piston is to ensure that the load does not come. Of course, steep ramp sizes change the number of Pistons used and the length of the Pistons. This changes the volume of the oil tank to be used for the hand pump.

Other Information

It is easily installed on the concrete ramp without any process required.

Thanks to the integration of the hydraulic unit, it provides easy and safe operation.

If the concrete ramp is too low, it is easy to use by making a fixed ramp.

Apart from our standard productions, we have production according to the state of the business. It should be noted that the height difference between the concrete and the floor of the type of vehicle to be loaded is the main factor in the production of the type of vehicle to be used during the installation.

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