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Mobile Ramp

Product Description The

Mobile ramp as the load transfer, capable of unloading height absorbent ramp is called a mobile ramp.

Mobile ramp the mobile loading ramps which are developed to facilitate the loading and unloading of goods to trucks and such vehicles are determined as minimum 8 tons and the maximum carrying capacity is designed according to the demand of our customers and the carrying capacity is increased. In this design, the forklift's own load and the load it will carry are determined by the sum and safety coefficient multiplied by.
The dimensions of the steel to be used in the loading ramp, the jack, wheel, and hinge group to be used in load handling, and the thickness of the sheet are prepared for the application phase as a result of rigorous work with engineering hekalerampai and solid model applications and are produced with the work of our qualified, experienced master engineers.
The length of the standard mobile ramps is 10.25 meters while the length of the tail part folded is 7.50 meters. The front wing part of the ramp, that is, the bodies that provide the transition to the vehicle are made of 13/14 draped tear drop pattern sheet. The benefit of this is to minimize the gliding event while working in open weather.
Seyyar rampa It operates in the height range of 100-160 cm and is adjusted according to the vehicle height, whether by Jack tool or by hydraulic system means according to customer demand. Mobile load platforms mobile ramps 2-4-6 or multiples of this process with Jacks in the form of. Jack numbers are determined according to the desired working tonnage. The carrying capacity of each jack is 25 tons and 4 jacks are used for 8 ton mobile ramps and 2 10 ton mobile ramps.
As mentioned, if hydraulic system is requested according to the demand of our customers, front wings and 2-meter tail can be used by hand pump or hydromotor with height adjustment.
Seyyar rampa kuyruk kısmının altındaki forklift taşıma aparatı ile istenilen yere taşınarak ihtiyaç olan yerde işletmenin ihtiyaçlarını karşılamaktadır.
In accordance with the work safety rules in the world and in our country, there are barriers higher than the radius of the forklift wheel in our mobile ramps.


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